Hi, I am Moni Yuan

Co-Founder & Photographer

After graduating from university, I taught myself piano and guitar. In China, I also worked as a model and folk singer, which was when I believe my interest in the cultivation of my aesthetic abilities began. I always delve deep into areas that I like, and this includes photography.

By putting my subjects at ease, I create great portraits of them, capturing the best versions of them and leaving them feeling fabulous. I would like to play a role in helping you create memories with the people you love the most and are the most precious to you, through photographing them.

Since May of 2021, I moved on from being a mere photography enthusiast to a professional photographer.

Outside of my job, I am also a mother to 2 beautiful children and an avid foodie.

Hi, I am Sylvia Zhao

Co-Founder &BD

Nature is the source of inspiration in my photography works. The Autumn landscapes in Japan when I was travelling there were what sparked my current passion for photography.

As someone who likes both photography and marketing, Nanyang Tales Photography allows me to do both, so here I am!