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Little Nyonya | 小娘惹

Almost everyone who has grown up watching the iconic Mediacorp series “The Little Nyonya” has probably wished they were Peranakan, just so they could dress in the same beautiful outfits as the characters. While Peranakan girls no longer walk around today in their beautifully embroidered Kebayas, you still have the chance to through this theme! Dressing up fully in a Kebaya is not something you can experience everyday, so why not make the most out of the moment by capturing your beauty in it through our photoshoots as well?

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In the Mood for Love | 花样年华

Have you ever wanted to be the main character of a Wong Kar Wai movie? One where you are dressed up in cheongsams like a classic Chinese beauty with red lipstick and the perfect retro updo? Well, this is the theme for you. Taking inspiration from Wong Kar Wai’s iconic movie of the same name, flaunt your figure in the beautiful cheongsam and channel your inner main character.

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Story Through a Car Window | 香车美人

The last, but certainly not least, on this list of our signature themes is for those who prefer modern, yet still unique themes. One does not always need to travel back into past to capture beautiful images. For those choosing between indoor and outdoor shoots, this theme allows you to experience both! While some might initially think pictures within a car can seem congested, we will show you the multiple beautiful pictures you can produce with just a car and yourself. Become a trendsetter with this theme, because we know for a fact that not many around you have done such a gorgeous portrait shoot with a car.

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Western Region Princess | 西域公主

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Nanyang Tales Signature - Classic

Premium Studio | 高级棚拍

Who says that studio shoots are boring? Through our premium studio photoshoots, tell your own personal story in the comfort of an indoor studio. Studio shoots allow us to control every aspect of the photograph, from the lighting to the backdrop. so let your imagination run wild with the amount of themes you can try within our studio!

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90s Hong Kong | 复古港风

Similar to “In the Mood for Love”, this theme also derives its inspiration from Wong Kar Wai and the 90s Hong Kong aesthetic, but more towards the “Chungking Express” direction. Think oversized denim jackets, wind-blown wavy hair and a bold lipstick. If you want to have pictures that will have your children wondering if you were a celebrity during the golden era of Hong Kong cinema like Faye Wong, this is the theme for you.

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Boudoir | 私房

Boudoir photography aims to showcase one in a sensual yet tasteful manner. These photos aren't what you might post onto Linkedin, but more so for your personal Instagram account. Time is ever fleeting. Thus, more and more women have been wanting to document their bodies while they are young, so that they have beautiful images of themselves to look back on in the future when they are older. What many older women lament is the lack of photos they have of themselves in their prime, and we are here to help you prevent such regret.

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“I know every girl has her own form of beauty, its just a matter of discovering it and celebrating it.”

— Coco Rocha

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